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Residential Electrical Services We Offer

New Homes

Looking for a licensed electrician to do a full electrical plan for your new home? We serve contractors and private individuals in Central PA.


Are you remodeling your home or business and looking for a residential electrician? We can help with all your Residential Electrical Services.

Rewiring older homes

Only a licensed electrician can do rewiring by clearing out older wires and replacing them with new ones. Let us know anything you want help with.

Other Services

We at Austin Electric want to provide the best residential electrical installation services to make our customers experience incredible results. Because we are a licensed electrician company, we have many services for residents, such as:​

Electrical Upgrades

If you have not changed your outlets or light switches for a long time there’s a good chance they might be damaged or not functioning correctly. You may need to replace them or want to upgrade them to utilize today’s technology.

Electrical Main Service

We also install the main service panel in the garage or basement to follow the code for your home. We have master electricians to get the job done professionally. You can always contact us for any electrical service.

LED Lighting

LED is the latest advanced lighting technology that is well used in homes and public spaces. Bulbs last longer than any other lighting. Never miss a moment and enjoy the beauty and brightness of LEDs.

Surge Protection

It is the ultimate device protector from high voltages. Never experience the loss from a storm or bad generators. We would like you to have safe and reliable services. If you are experiencing generator issues give us a call immediately we will be there to help you.

See More Residential Electrical Services Below!

kitchen island

Generator Installation

We install generators and emergency backup generators in case the power shuts down. Never get caught without power again! We are here to help

Recessed lights are the best option for residential lighting. They don’t hang down at all and allow for less concentrated lighting in those spaces. They are highly functional on low ceilings.

Do you want to make your kitchen counters a little brighter? We can install under-cabinet LED lighting for the kitchen to be powerful yet dimmable. This will make dinner prep a lot easier and safer!

We can turn your home into a gallery by installing indoor and outdoor lighting. We offer accent lighting for the interior, exterior, ceiling, and more. We are always here to serve you. Keep your house out of the darkness.

To keep your kitchen, and living room lighting up to date, we believe pendant lighting is for you and others like you. We have experienced electricians to install pendant lights the way you want them to be designed.

If your house doesn’t have ceiling fans and you want someone to install them, look no further because Austin Electric is a phone call away. We are glad to help many customers like you so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We know installing cable lighting isn’t as easy as it seems and you want it done professionally. We have the expertise to do your project. We have light fixtures, lamps, and more. We have been in the field for over a decade and we are ready to do our best for you.

We know once in a while you need to change your USB ports and replace them with new ones. Having USB ports saves you energy and time.

If you want to save money, smart home options like automatic timers can come in handy. Check our smart home page out and how it is professionally done.

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