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What Are Your Looking For?

We at Austin Electric want to provide the best residential electrical installation services to make our customers experience incredible results. Because we are a licensed electrician company, we have many services for residents, such as:​

New Homes

We would love to help you plan your total home electrical package. Two of our specialties are starting from the ground up and finishing big projects.


Ready for a new space in your home? We can help you remodel your kitchen, living room, basement, or any other room you need!

Electrical Upgrades

It may be time for some electrical installation upgrades. This could be better lighting, additional outlets, or smart home accessories.


If all you need is a little maintenance, we would be more than happy to do that as well.

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Electrical Maintenance

Power Outage

Are you having consistent outages? Let us help you get the power back and have it stay back!

Broken Conduit

We can fix your underground conduit to make sure it continues to work while keeping the wiring safe.

Worn Out Wiring

Allow us to replace your old wires with new ones that will last you a lifetime!


Do you have electrical accessories that are just not working? From ceiling fans to outlets, we can fix them all.

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Electrical Installation Services

Cable Lighting

Allow us to help hang your new lights with modern cable. These can help illuminate your kitchen, dining table, and more.

Ceiling Fans

Sit back and enjoy the perfect air flow with your brand-new ceiling fan.

New Electrical Outlets

You can never have too many electrical outlets. From changing 2-prong outlets to 3-prong, and adding new outlets, we can do it all!

Recessed Lighting

Sometimes you want your lights to be softer and out of the way. With inset electrical installation, your lights will be recessed!

Emergency Electrical Services

We want to take care of our customers at all times. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. We know what it’s like to be without power, and we don’t want it to stay that way for you and your family. Contact us today with any emergency electrical problems that you may be having

Smart Home


Smart cameras are a great way to help protect your home. You can place these anywhere so that you have the power to know what is going on.

Smart Doorbells

From seeing your packages to knowing who is at your door, these smart doorbells are the perfect addition to any home.

Smart Lights

Never worry about being in the dark outside with our smart lights. Turn them on from wherever you are!

Wireless Speakers

Bring a little fun to any room in your home with these permanent wireless speaker systems.

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Our Electrical Installation Process

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Contact Us

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician, or fill out a form that lets us know what you need.

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We will contact you for scheduling once we have all of the details. We want this to be a time that works best for you.

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We will meet you in your space, discuss the options, and estimate the cost for your electrical needs!

Check our projects out by our Licensed Electricians

We have completed numerous residential and commercial projects, some of which are featured below! If you want to see our full list of jobs, check out our featured projects page!

This project features a kitchen and laundry electrical remodel in Glenn Mills, PA. This is a large custom kitchen with under and in-cabinet lighting, Sonos wireless speaker system, and recessed and hanging lights from the ceiling. A project like this takes a good licensed electrician to accomplish!
This was a whole new custom home electrical installation. We installed kitchen lights, living room, ceiling fans, stairs, and under cabinet lighting.Tray ceiling lighting. Sonos wireless sound system. We can take care of your project with manners and profession. Our home electricians are always ready to help you with your project.
This residential project comprised of both indoor and outdoor lighting. This included the fireplace, kitchen, living room, and outside. Tim and Sarah love their new fireplace lights specifically. The new feel that the lights create allows them to have a lot of fun entertaining guests.
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