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This project features a kitchen and laundry electrical remodel in Glenn Mills, PA. This is a large custom kitchen with under and in-cabinet lighting, Sonos wireless speaker system, and recessed and hanging lights from the ceiling. A project like this takes a good licensed electrician to accomplish!
This was a whole new custom home electrical installation. We installed kitchen lights, living room, ceiling fans, stairs, and under cabinet lighting.Tray ceiling lighting. Sonos wireless sound system. We can take care of your project with manners and profession. Our home electricians are always ready to help you with your project.
This residential project comprised of both indoor and outdoor lighting. This included the fireplace, kitchen, living room, and outside. Tim and Sarah love their new fireplace lights specifically. The new feel that the lights create allows them to have a lot of fun entertaining guests.
This project was an entire home electrical project in Grantville, PA. We installed kitchen accent lighting and all LED throughout the whole house. You will also see exterior lighting. At night every corner of the house is illuminated so there won’t be any worry about tripping or falling.
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